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It is our great privilege to officially inform you, that

the 72nd IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference (IIW 2019)

will be held on 7th – 12th July 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The 72nd IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference is a most significant and prestigious event, where the professionals from all over the world share their innovative ideas in the field of welding and related activities. The IIW 2019 will enable the meetings and knowledge exchange within 26 technical expert commissions. The theme of IIW 2019 will be focused on solutions in automotive with an expected attendance of 900 participants. Such as, it is a great opportunity how to promote your business. Thanks to her enchanting beauty, Bratislava is one of the cities which tend to attract tourists from all over the world as well as it creates business opportunities.

The IIW 2019 provides an exceptional occasion for industrial partners and non-profit organisations to present their products, technologies and innovations to experts, decision-makers, influencers, suppliers and consultants covering a wide range of industries including fabrication and construction, automotive and others.

Thanks to the effective combination of exhibition and conference, sponsors and exhibitors are provided with a unique chance to target a large audience, meet potential clients in person and turn new valuable contacts into long-lasting business partnerships.

Please let us know about your range of support the IIW 2019 with your company. If you are interested in sponsoring or need any additional information, please contact Mr. Martin Rouček for more details:

Mr. Martin Rouček
Industry Liaison Manager

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