Instructions for Oral Presentations within IIW Conference 2019

General Information

All Conference rooms are equipped with standard PowerPoint presentation facilities.

Please prepare your presentation in 16:9 format (screens are in format ratio 16:9). We recommend you to save your PowerPoint presentation using PPT(X) format instead of PPS.

A technician will be available in all the Conference rooms to provide assistance when needed. Please be present in the room you are having your lecture at least 30 minutes prior the start of your session and follow the instructions from the Chairs and/or technician. During your presentation a remote control will be available for controlling your presentation. Please observe the time allotted to your lecture.

At the end of the Conference, all presentations will be deleted from the computers on-site. 

AV Equipment in the Conference Rooms

  • screen (ratio 16:9)
  • preview monitor
  • beamer (projector)
  • presenter (remote control)
  • sound system
  • microphones (for lectern, headtable, auditorium)

Presentation Upload

We kindly ask you to bring your presentation on USB (memory stick) to the Conference room you are having your lecture, at least 30 minutes prior the start of your session. In this room the technicians will upload your presentation into the PC. If you would like to work on your presentation and if you need any help with editing your presentation you can come earlier but only in the times for cofee break or lunch break.  Your own laptop can be used only if inevitable and after the discussion with the technicians in the room.


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